hammering with a screwdriver

Do you think your Lab software is the tool you need?

Over the past years, I got the chance of get in contact with many Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) available in the market.

And when I look back, and try to analyse them from a safe distance I get the feeling that they all have more similarities than differences.

They all share some common goals:

  • spread as far as posible!!!
  • adapt as fast as you can!!!

damn, look like a virus to me!!!

They all try to reach to different types of Labs, try to do different tasks, try to manage different business environments, try to adapt by all means to the circumstances, etc. And to do this they all seem to loose their vertebra.

Sometimes, it is wise to stop and accept that your software is not tailored to manage all the information concerning your lab.

Let me give you an example, a good clinical management software does not have to be a good stock management software.

Maybe your software is great for communications with lab analysers, but maybe it sucks for data mining.

And sooner or later,  the Lab Manager will ask himself why is he carrying this huge, complicated, heavy, not flexible tool, when most of the time he only need a small tool, and only ocasionally he will need ‘the big stuff’.

Surelly he will wonder, “wouldn’t it be nice to modularize my software, use as I need, and hope my ‘modules’ communicate each other nicely?”

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