while I was out

Now that I’m back in the business, I’m trying to keep up to everything that I missed in this last year.

There was a generous reference to my blog, from DarkDaily that I’d like to share with everybody:

Geek in the Lab
Pedro Fonseca has been an IT healthcare specialist for more than 15 years. It is clear while poking through Geek in the Lab that Fonseca is passionate about information technology as it relates to healthcare. “Geek in the Lab” is laid out so that IT professionals can keep up with the latest in healthcare technology, but it is written in a way that is accessible to the laymen. While many similar blogs are full of difficult to understand technical jargon, Fonseca makes sure his blog is easy for all readers to understand. Far from a “How To” advice column, “Geek in the Lab” keeps track of healthcare IT trends and offers observations on how they may impact the big picture. Fonseca’s “Gadget of the Week” gives readers a glimpse of the latest in IT tech.”

Thanks to Robert L. Michel and his team for such kind words and keep the good work.

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