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68963-0-0-2Health information is a very sensible type of data, and should be secured.

Nevertheless, the most common procedure to protect data is using the login/password procedure. This is the worst way to protect Health Information.

In fact, it’s so bad, that should be forbidden. Would you use it to lock your car or your house? I’m sure you wouldn’t.

So, in order to protect access to Health Information throughout the entire lifecycle, we should use a different approach. One of the cheapest and reliable is the fingertip reader.

I’ve been testing different fingertip readers, and undoubtly the best I’ve tried so far is the Digital Persona.

For start, it has several important compliances: HIPAA and EU directives

Then, it integrates with Active Directory on GPO and provides an SDK.

Digital Persona also provides an add-on module of Privacy manager, that enables digital signing and encryption of instant messaging, Microsoft Outlook email, and Microsoft Office documents.

It also has a really high performance in reading. It’s quick and almost reading failure proof (failed 3 readings in a set of 1000).


Finally, the hardware itself. It’s very small, elegant and resistant (yes, I’ve done the Drop 2 meters high test, and the Give it to your 2 year old daughter test) and it survived.

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